Feeling Motivated

Is it lack of motivation or laziness?

There is a difference between being lazy and not feeling motivated. Some would say it’s the same, however I (as well as others) can see the difference as clear as the Arizona sky. I’ve been both.


When I’m being lazy it is usually because I would much rather watch television or I want to put off what I can do because I just don’t feel like it. You know, the typical reasons for laziness. YouTube is also my kryptonite, I could watch content on that platform for hours and not bat an eye to the lost time. Finding every way to not do what needs to be done. I’ve been a lazy writer as well. Sometimes I put little effort in stringing my words along or I spend most of my day not using them (meaning, I have few conversations). I embrace those lazy days with a much needed hug.


Motivation can be a challenge. Outside things can cause me to lose motivation. Loss of inspiration, depression, annoyance, or simple fun. These are all things that can shift my motivation to the right or the left and I’m far less likely to find something to write about, though for a lot of people they may find inspiration. I’m a feeler of all of my emotions, whether I show it or not. I feel to the core of me and when that core is touched, I don’t have the desire or motivation to write. This may sound like a bunch of excuses but, laziness holds the crown for that. This is truly something I struggle to get around when it hits me. I’m human and that is my imperfect truth.


The funny thing is, my lack of motivation looks the same as my laziness. I have the same behaviors. Tv, Youtube, Facebook, talking on the phone, playing games, I do all of these activities instead of what I need to do. House chores suffer and my writing takes a back seat. They also co-exist at times. Right now I feel them both. I won’t go into details as to why I feel unmotivated but I’m feeling it heavy. I’m trying to find a way to push through it and I’m surprised to say that blogging this post is a bit helpful. I’m acknowledging the problem, instead of waiting for it to naturally go away. Instead of being lazy, I’m choosing to work (I even completed some much needed house work). Overcoming one factor is forcing me to overcome the other. I’m grateful for the small victory.

What things help you get motivated? Comment below.

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