I cry for America

I cry when I see a video of people being antagonized,

A dagger through my heart even though it’s not being done to me.

I cry when I see mothers, fathers family and friends mourn,

Over the lives of their loved ones stolen despite them now being free.

I cry when I see people like me attacked like wild beasts,

For no other reason than looking like me.

I cry because my fear of becoming another victim keeps me immobilized,

To the point that from my home I don’t want to leave.

I cry when I realize that my country hasn’t changed,

Even through the various adaptions of slavery.

I cry when I see those meant to help us and keep us safe,

Show us that in this world we shall have no peace.

I cry for the people who desperately want to help,

But have to watch madness ensue hopelessly.

I cry for those who cannot cry no more,

The souls taken, no stolen, prematurely.

I cry, I’ve been crying, I will cry until I have no tears left,

Crying for the souls who lost in these American streets.

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