Revamping My Brand: Blog Thoughts

I originally started my website with the intent to blog. I wanted to document and share my process of becoming a published author. I thought I would get a publishing deal with a traditional publishing company. I thought I would be a breakout best seller. I thought I would finally buy my tiny house with an amazing view and live happily ever after (modestly). Those things have yet to happen and at least one, I don’t know I want to happen. I have officially published my first book and that’s where it stops. I’ve made the journey to my goal, so what’s next? I want to expand what I can share, what I can learn. Limiting myself to only blog about my journey to publishing felt like I created my own dungeon. Well, here I am, allowing myself to leave. I want those who visit my site, to know who I am as an author and a person. I want to share my thoughts on my characters and the inspiration. I want those who read my books to be able to connect with the author. Instead of limiting my blog to my journey, I will expand it to what feels “write” (see what I did there?).

Are you revamping yourself into a new season of goals? Comment below! Be sure to like and subscribe via e-mail!

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