It Starts with a Game Plan

Scheduling is Key?

I’ve been doing a little research on what it will take for me to become a published “best selling” author. To say, the amount of information is overwhelming, would be an understatement. The endless advice varies and I can’t decide who is credible enough, by my personal standard, to listen to. Not to mention the number of YouTube experts that share their thoughts and experiences on the matter. Some say that I should perfect my writing before sending it off, while others say it’s more important to create a following first before a publisher will even look my way. Should I take the route of self publishing? That’s another beast with it’s own set of steps and “rules” for success. Everyone seems to have the best formula and 8, 10, 14 steps one must take to become a published author. Ultimately, I want to break this down in a way that would work for me.

So what is the best formula for me? I’m still figuring it out. I do, however, know where I’m going to start. Scheduling. I need to create a schedule for my writing. I have several projects that I’ve started and yet to finish. It could be shocking for some, if not most, that I am working on them simultaneously. I want to dedicate certain days to each one of my 4 projects. Project one: my saga, two: my poetry and short stories, three: short novel, and lastly four: my blog. Each of these are in different stages and some take more time than others. I can’t believe I have the gall to tackle all of this at once but that is the difference in me as an individual. I, sometimes, find myself getting bored or impatient with completing a story. That works great for packing, planning, unpacking a home, or cleaning, not so much writing. I want to complete it as quickly as possible because of my excitement, though that would make for a rushed and probably terrible story. Will this work? Not sure. Am I going to try it anyway? Hell yeah! No one knows me better than I know myself and even if it won’t work for many, I’m not them.

Today is Blog Sunday (according to my new found schedule) .

Now I have to find my groove in blogging. I need to figure out what I want to include. Do I want to use this to share cute stories that I create in the moment? How about transporting people to a place in my mind with metaphors and imagery all while sharing lessons that I’m learning on my life journey? Would these things be interesting? I want to take the advice from my various web mentors I’ve recently met through text and video and create a following, but how? What could I write to propel my career as an author? I’m not sure what the answers are to my questions (obviously, or else I wouldn’t be asking), yet and still I will press on. Maybe sharing parts of myself with the world will be interesting enough to capture the attention and hearts of millions or billions of people. This is just the beginning. I have to remember that.

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